Responding in Worship: Can We Help It?

Why do we worship? When I say this, I am not asking why Christians gather together on Sunday morning. Rather, I am acknowledging that all humans worship something. Whether that is God, self, a significant other, family, job, political ideals, entertainment, or an addiction; we cannot help but place something as our ultimate, something that is the most important thing in our life.

Why are we like this? It is how we are made. All of creation is made to respond to its Creator in worship (Psalm 96). We are created to be worshipful beings, it’s just a matter of whether the object of our worship is the right object. This is an idea that’s clearly laid out by Paul in Romans 1. There are two possibilities: we either respond to God’s faithfulness in the gospel with faith, leading to worship of the true and living God (1:16-17), or we respond to God’s faithfulness by refusing to acknowledge who he is, choosing to worship creature rather than Creator (1:18-23).

As we go about this week, let’s reflect on God’s creation around us. As big as the creation is around us, God is bigger! Think about Genesis 1 and Tolivar’s sermon this week and reflect on how comprehensive He was in creating the world and creating us. There was nothing, it was formless and void. We should not picture God walking into an empty room and putting things in it, we should acknowledge that there was no empty room apart from him. There is no space and there is no time apart from God. He created everything! Let that drive you to respond in worship.

Let the account of God’s creation also drive you to Christ. As those in Christ, we look to the new creation, the new heavens and earth (Isaiah 66, Revelation 21), that began with Christ’s resurrection and has already begun in us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Embrace your identity as a new creation in Christ (Galatians 6, Romans 8) and respond the only way we can: with worship!