A performing arts ministry led by assistant pastor Drew Archer with the goal of bringing dramatizations of God’s Word to any who desire to hear it. For example, Drew had performed dramatized recitations of the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Galatians for churches, schools, and campus ministries. His recent performances have gone beyond the ATL area, including the wider Southeast and select locations across the country.

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TheaTheos Performances

The gospel of mark: 

A full performance of the Gospel of Mark lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes, with a 10-minute intermission. Beyond a full performance, there are several other ways Drew’s performances can (and have) been used:

  • Triumphal entry to the end: Mark 11-16:8 (30 minutes)

  • Peter's confession to the end: Mark 8:27-16:8 (45 minutes)

  • Jesus' arrest to the end: Mark 14:26-16:8 (20 minutes) or Mark 14:26-15:47 (for Good Friday)

  • Jesus' crucifixion to the end: Mark 15:1-16:8 (10 minutes)

  • Jesus' Parables: Mark 4 (8 minutes)

Drew has also performed select passages as part of morning and evening worship services, special services, and church events.

Drew performing the Gospel of Mark.

Drew performing the Gospel of Mark.

The book of Galatians:

The full performance of the Book of Galatians, plus a sermon and introduction, is about 38 minutes. The performance is designed to be short enough to serve as the sermon in a worship service or regular gathering. There are also other performance options:

  • An extended section could be used for discussion of specific gospel-centered themes:

  1. Slavery vs. Freedom

  2. Where we see the gospel of grace and salvation by faith in the Old Testament

  3. Walking by the Flesh vs. Walking by the Spirit

  4. Law and Gospel

Drew performing at Monday Night Garage.

Drew performing at Monday Night Garage.

Other possibilities: 

Host an all day or multi-day event that includes:

  • Performances

  • Teaching or preaching on the themes of the Scripture performed

  • A seminar on the spiritual discipline of Scripture memorization: 

  1. Why memorize?

  2. How does this help us understand God's Word?

  3. How does Scripture memorization help us minister to each other in community?